Social Space: the cat has been launched

Chris Budgen

We are very proud to announce that our space cat has officially been launched into Social Space and is ready to help you make working with social media fun again!

Social media made easy

Social media is an ever-changing playing field. Life ain’t easy for social media marketers, be they customer service representatives, brand marketers, content creators or moderators. Because this is such an important job, they need dedicated tools to make their life easier.

EMAKINA CEE let the cat out of the bag at the dmexco 2016 in Cologne, presenting Social Space, a new customizable social media tool that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing website and flexibly adjusted to every customer or project.

Create your own universe

Social Space doesn’t just collect and bundle social media content. It automatically enriches it through cutting-edge methods of analysis – like language, sentiment, taxonomy, color detection, and more. You can then arrange, filter, and moderate social media content individually, display it on your website, and use it as a source of insight for your next campaign. It allows you to create a personalized social media universe for you and your users.

You’re planning a hashtag campaign? You need an up-to-date newsroom for your website? You want a collection of all brand relevant content? Are you looking for detailed insights into your social media content? It’s all possible with Social Space!

Once our EMAKINA integration strategists set up your Social Space, you can manage the entire universe yourself – the administration is easy, fast, and intuitive. And if you want to dive more deeply into the technical sphere, you can experiment with our universal API.

Want to know more? Join our space cat on its flight through Social Space on and try out our demo.

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